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The dos and don’ts of cigar smoking and enjoyment.

From the seasoned veterans of stogies to the newbies, basic norms should be respected in order to make the cigar smoking experience more enjoyable for you and others around you. There are so many “rules” out there on the subject, it’s hard to know where to start.

In 19th century Havana it was considered an insult to give another smoker a light from your cigar without knocking off the ash first. There are also the official rules of cigar etiquette published in 1967 by Swiss tobacconist Zino Davidoff in his essay “Zino Davidoff’s Guide to Cigar Etiquette.” He argued to smoke a cigar only halfway, let it burn out on its own, never ask another smoker for a light, refrain from smoking while walking…etc.

Then, there are more casual sets of rules like the ones published in 2005 by Harry Hurt in The New York Times, which suggested:

  1. Confine indoor cigar smoking to cigar parlors.
  2. Don’t chain-smoke cigars.
  3. Don’t offend non-smokers with the smell of cigar smoke on your clothes or breath.
  4. Don’t ask, don’t tell if it’s a Cuban cigar.

Cigar Aficionado published the book “Cigar Companion,” listing one set of rules when among non-smokers and another amongst cigar smokers. They argued you should never smoke except where smoking is appreciated, and care should be taken to minimize the smell of smoke in your home or on your clothes. The book concludes with one ironclad rule — never give a prank exploding cigar and do not associate with anyone who does.

Here at The Golden Leaf Cigars, we welcome any and all cigar enthusiasts, smokers and guests. We like to keep things inviting, fun and relaxing. So, we’ve come up with our own unofficial set of rules to help you make the most of your experience.

Don’t be a conversation stealer.
In most situations, walking into a room or public space where the conversation is already taking place and swinging right into the middle of things is usually a good thing. But cigar smoking isn’t the most normal of networking or social icebreaking situations. If a group of cigar aficionados is already talking, don’t sweep in and try to change the conversation or steer it away toward you. Good company and engaging conversation are some of the hallmarks to The Golden Leaf Cigars. Just wait for the right time to weigh in your thoughts and participate. Be patient. Take a puff or two while you wait.

This isn’t a competition.
Everyone knows cigar smoking is simply a matter of taste. There are a countless number of different cigars out there. So, whichever you prefer, don’t judge anyone else’s taste, even if it differs from your own. Or, if you are an established long-timer to the world of cigars and you see a rookie acting like a poser and smoking what you deem is not a “real” cigar, let that person be. Maybe that rookie will mature into a finer, more sophisticated taste someday, or maybe he or she won’t. It’s not your place to judge.

Don’t tell people how to smoke.
This rule kind of follows the same lines as above. Cigar smokers have their habits, right or wrong. Don’t irritate somebody by telling him or her that the cigar is too low, the cap shouldn’t be bitten or the technique of lighting the cigar is inappropriate. Some people are open to advice, but others may not be. If you plan to put the cigar educator cap on for a night, expect being labeled a “buzzkill.”

Be wary of cell phone overload.
In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, cell phones are more of a standard than a luxury anymore. They are needed for business and everyday life in general. If your Smartphone rings during a stogie break, you may have to answer it or shoot someone a quick text back. That’s not too big of a deal. But please have the decency to step out of the lounge area if the conversation lasts a while. Don’t ruin someone’s experience with your chatter.

Buy from the shops where you’re smoking.
Hey, we have to advertise ourselves when we can. This is more of a polite gesture than a rule of thumb. If you happen to be smoking in our JSK Lounge why not also purchase from our wide selection of cigars? It’s convenient, but also respectful for any shop where you’re smoking. We appreciate your support!

Let the staff do their job.
Cigar shops are social centers, and the staff plays a big part in creating this atmosphere. You’ll come to know our Associates and you’ll enjoy starting up a conversation or two with him or her. But when the smoke shop’s employees are with other customers or working around the shop, let them be. Their first priority is their job. Along the same lines, if you are feeling indecisive and can’t decide what you want, stand out of the way and continue looking around, especially if there is a line forming behind you.​

Enjoy yourself.

Cigar Etiquette

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